War of the Burning Sky

Session 3: From Farmhouse to Fire Forest

End of Adventure 1 and on to Adventure 2

This week the party met Haddin and Crystin in their farmhouse home outside Gate Pass on the way to the Fire Forest of Innenotdar. They quickly discovered that Crystin wasn’t all she seemed, as she muttered visionary tidbits and was overly subservient to her father Haddin. Haddin was gruff with the party and wanted little to do with them, but careful persuasion by Chaucer brought him to agree to leave his home with the party.

As they went to leave, however, the Inquisitor Boreas assaulted the farmhouse, finding more than he expected as he followed orders to capture Haddin. Despite Lahspar one-shotting Torrent at the very opening of the fight, the party quickly dispatched their foes while managing to burn down Haddin’s barn. After briefly interrogating the Inquisitor and learning the names of his peers in Gate Pass, Vic cut down Boreas and the party departed for the Fire Forest of Innenotdar.

After a brief scouting foray by Lahspar and Chaucer, the party combined Torrent’s 8 potions of Stand the Heat with Chaucer’s 6 castings of the same spell to protect the horses and party while traveling. Chaucer mended a dangerously-degraded stone bridge in passing, and the party was confronted by a bearded devil, who demanded their case of military secrets. While the Content Not Found: kazyk summoned some weak allies to harass the party, at the first sign of injury he teleported away from the scene with the suggestion that all was not over yet!

In the mean time, Vicven suddenly took a strong liking to Haddin, and both Chaucer and Mel suspect that he’s been affected by enchantment magic of some kind, possibly like Crystin might be. Mel has been working to gain Haddin’s good graces and has started to build an understanding with the crotchety old man.


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