Haddin Ja-Laffa

Old Wizard Gate Pass farmer


Once strong and handsome, this man is now old and feeble, his brown hair stringy, his voice ragged from constant coughing. He dresses like a common merchant, but he clutches an aged book to his chest.


Once a reputed artist in Gate Pass, rumored enchantment magic used on his half-orc half-brother forced him out of the city with his young daughter and wife, who died shortly thereafter. Haddin now has a reputation for meddling in the minds of those he dislikes and being severely untrusting. Around Gate Pass farms, Haddin is known as the epitome of a crotchety old man who can’t be trusted.

On persuasion by the party and the pleas of his daughter Crystin, Haddin agreed to trek with the party into the Fire Forest to avoid the reach of the Scourge.

Haddin Ja-Laffa

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