Bearded Devil


A tattered brown cloak whips about this mansized creature’s scaled body. It has the face of a commanding, honest man, but its flesh is green, its eyes glow with infernal fire, and its thick beard writhes and bites like a nest of vipers. Barely visible under its beard is a thick metal collar attached to a length of limply dangling chain. The powerful being stands tall, and wields a blood-stained saw-bladed glaive. It only has four fingers on its left hand, and a scaled, dessicated pinky finger hangs on a cord around its neck.


Party Interactions

  • Kazyk attempted to bargain with the party to relinquish their military intelligence by sending a message via a hellhound, and harassed the party briefly when they weren’t agreeable to his demands. He’s shown the ability to teleport easily, and his glaive appears to do more long-lasting damage than it should.


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