Black Horse Mercenaries


The Black Horse mercenaries are a for-profit bounty hunting group in Gate Pass, consisting of former prominent Gate Pass militia as well as adventurers.



Currently, the Black Horse is hunting down spellcasters in Gate Pass in preparation to turn them in to the Ragesian Inquisitors for their bounty.

Party Interactions

  • On the first night in which the party met Torrent at the Poison Apple Pub, the Black Horse was on the scene seeking to apprehend some of the party members. They were hesitant to engage in combat, and left the scene early on.
  • When the party was preparing to leave Gate Pass, a collection of Black Horse men dressed up as city militia tried to apprehend the party; thanks to the sharp eyes of Chaucer and Mel, they weren’t fooled.
  • While escaping Gate Pass, the Black Horse camp ambushed the party in a canyon pass. Unfortunately for them, the sure strikes of Vicven and Lahspar foiled their plot before it hardly started.

Black Horse Mercenaries

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